Zodiac•Axis: A Fantasy-Fusion Visual Novel

Created by Studio Theophilus

Zodiac•Axis: A Fantasy-Fusion Visual Novel
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Determine your fate and experience a tale that fuses suspense, romance, and Asian-inspired supernatural elements.

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$13,220.00 / 434 backers
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Latest Updates from Our Project:

October Update: Prepping for Full Common
19 days ago – Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 07:35:51 PM

October was a crazy month with a big push for the public demo! (If you haven't tried it yet, you can download it here.) After release, we took off some time to recuperate and get our health back.

The next milestone is a release of the full Common Route. This release will be closed to the public, but available to all backers, as listed on the developer roadmap. It is roughly 110,000 words long (the demo is 33,000).

Below is a report of how many new assets we need to develop for this milestone, as well as where we're currently at:

Since we're still editing the scripts and counting up the assets, at this time, the asset count is subject to change—but this report offers a pretty solid estimate. We are still aiming for a Jan 2018 release, but will update after the full asset count.

Thank you for all of your wonderful support so far!

BackerKit Surveys

Several people have requested to have their Backerkit surveys or upgrade their pledges to have beta access. If you would like this, please message this account and I'll send your survey.

— Luna Chai Li

Demo released!
about 1 month ago – Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 11:25:07 PM


The demo is released! You can download it now at:

Please note, Beta Testers, the links you received in your inboxes two days ago will no longer work.

Backers, please also check your name in the credits. While I double-checked the names, it is still possible that I made a typo. If this is the case, please notify me, and I'll issue a hotfix next week with the corrected credits.

Thank you, everyone, so much for your support. Though there's still much more to go, it's a privilege to have wonderful backers like you!

A few special thanks

I first want to thank God for sustaining me with energy, discipline, and constant tiny miracles to bring this project to fruition.

I'd next like to thank the programmer, Ian. This guy is amazing with not only excellent knowledge, but wonderful communication and people skills that makes him extremely pleasant to work with. The hipster features in this game would not be possible without him.

Special thanks also to wrothsloth, who drew many of the stunning backgrounds, and Longest Distance, who created the stained glass pictures with absolute perfection.

And finally, a little hat off to my parents and my brother, who've been extremely supportive and my emotional foundation during a production rollercoaster.

From the delightful voice cast to the talented contractors, this product thrived off of the wonderful people who worked on it. 

I hope you enjoy the result!

September Update — DEMO IMMINENT!
about 2 months ago – Sun, Oct 01, 2017 at 09:22:28 PM

Yes, this is not a drill! It's happening!

On September 25, we launched an internal QA build with some asset placeholders to iron out outstanding bugs. After some estimation of the remaining work, we can now announce an official release date for the demo!

Those with the Beta Tester reward will be able to access the game 48 hours early, on October 10! We will send a message via Kickstarter with the link.

Here's a sneak peek of screenshots directly from the game:



Backer Name Changes

I've gone through the comments, messages, and emails today to process name changes. Those who requested a name change should have received a confirmation email from me, or a comment on the previous update. If you have not received this confirmation, please notify me again.

For backers who haven't yet submitted name changes and would like their name under the credits to be different from their Kickstarter name, please comment below or message me! 

Because I have to finalize the credits sequence, name changes will close tomorrow night. After that, I will not be able to accept any more name changes.

Closing Note

Thank you so much for all your support throughout the past few months. Though the journey is far from over, it's been so encouraging to have such wonderful and understanding backers.

See you on the demo release! <3

— Luna Chai Li

Studio Theophilus

Anime Expo!
5 months ago – Fri, Jun 09, 2017 at 06:31:59 PM

This is a brief note from project creator Luna Chai. I'll be attending Anime Expo this month! I'm working with a booth group (unaffiliated with Studio Theophilus), so due to an intense training and preparation schedule with that group, this month's progress will be slow. I'll be hitting the ground running again in July! Thank you for your patience!

Voice Acting Stretch Goal Met!
9 months ago – Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 06:09:56 PM

We're absolutely gobsmacked. Voice acting was funded in the last hour of the campaign! A huge thank you to everyone backing this project — in particular, we would like to shoutout our Emperor / executive producer, Jennifer W.,  for stepping up to contribute even more so that this goal would be met! 

With half an hour left on the campaign, we're more than satisfied, and can't wait to bring you the entirety of this game!