Zodiac•Axis: A Fantasy-Fusion Visual Novel

Created by Studio Theophilus

Zodiac•Axis: A Fantasy-Fusion Visual Novel
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Determine your fate and experience a tale that fuses suspense, romance, and Asian-inspired supernatural elements.

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Latest Updates from Our Project:

June Update — We Hakuoki now?
22 days ago – Sat, Jun 30, 2018 at 06:20:14 PM

 It's nearly July! Nearly AX! And we are working on Beckett's route at moment.

The hero routes take a slower pace than Common, focusing more on character conflict and internal development. Oh, yeah. I guess there's corny romance in there, too. Brace yourselves for the cringe, or the squeals, or some hybrid of both. Cringy squealing?

Did we just change eras?
Did we just change eras?
hahaha CLICHE.
hahaha CLICHE.
wip. WROTHSLOTH iS A LEGEND?? THIS IS GORGEOUS? and really hakuoki but shhh
wip. WROTHSLOTH iS A LEGEND?? THIS IS GORGEOUS? and really hakuoki but shhh

Charm update

Last update, I announced the official charms! For the backers who've redeemed their charms, I have an update: I've gotten news that the charms will be arriving this Monday from the production company. Once they arrive, I'll package and ship them out.

For domestic (United States) backers, your charms should arrive within 2 weeks. International backers, your charms should arrive within 1 month, though depending on where you live, they could also arrive sooner.

Please contact me if your charms do not arrive by the July update next month.

Backerkit update

I've gotten some messages from Backerkit backers ($1 pledgers) asking when the surveys will come. I'm super sorry for not mentioning the process!

The way Backerkit works, when you send out the surveys, you have to send them all at once. Then once the user fills them out, they are completely locked down. That's why surveys are usually sent right before all the rewards are ready to be shipped—if they're locked down too far ahead of time, then the backer can't change their information.

Because of this system, I won't be sending out Backerkit surveys until the game is ready to release. Which means surveys won't be sent for at least one year, if not two.

So, if you're a backer who wants to upgrade your pledge, please contact me and I will invite you to your individual survey.

That's all for this month! Thank you so much for your support!
— Luna Chai

Action Required: Charm fulfillment!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Jun 15, 2018 at 01:28:16 AM

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May Update: Beckett's route to be developed first!
about 2 months ago – Thu, May 31, 2018 at 06:15:05 PM

(Note that the progress bars are estimates of the total route length, and subject to change.)

I spent a lot of this month concentrating on writing. In this case, rewriting the two most unstable routes, which were Beckett and Leaf.

Beckett’s Route will be first!

Beckett’s Route is currently in the most solid position, so we’re doing a little change and developing his route first instead of Leaf’s. (Sorry Leaf, my boy, 50% of your route needs rewriting.)

Here’s a little something to look forward to: Alison gets a new outfit in most of the routes. Beckett gon get starstruck, ya’ll.

Soundtracks Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 released!

Another awesome thing that happened this month was releasing our soundtracks on music stores! A big thanks to Elphaze for drawing such beautiful cover art!

Part 1 contains 33 tracks from the game, composed by me.

Part 2 contains 2 tracks from the game, composed by insaneintherain. You wonder where those snazzy jazz themes come from? This brilliant man.

If you’re able, we’d really appreciate a review on the store pages for the soundtracks!

That’s all for this month—hoping to have more news on Beckett’s route next month! As always, thank you for your wonderful support.

— Luna Chai

P.S. now redirects to our game page, in case you wanted an easy URL to remember.

Zodiac Axis Original Soundtrack, Pt. 1 now available!
2 months ago – Sat, May 19, 2018 at 11:17:31 PM

Exciting news! The first part of the Zodiac Axis Original Soundtrack is now available on iTunes, Google Play Store, and Amazon Music! (Ooooh, so shiny.)

Also, there's new gorgeous cover art courtesy of the wonderful Elphaze. 

If you pledged for a tier that has the soundtrack, you should have received either an email or a Kickstarter DM with links to download the soundtrack.

We're also looking to soon push out Part 2, which is a two-song EP featuring the two jazz songs composed by insaneintherain.

Thank you for your support! <3

— Luna Chai

April Update: Writing Mode Activated
3 months ago – Mon, Apr 30, 2018 at 04:15:41 PM

It’s April! We released Common Route earlier this month and have been gathering feedback and bug reports. In May, I’ll be focusing on writing.

Writing Update

Green is the proportion of the word count that is considered stable and doesn’t need to be revised. Yellow is the proportion of the word count that, while written, needs to be rewritten or heavily revised.

The routes are estimated to be anywhere from 50k - 80k words each.

I work best when I’m creating the story fluidly and holistically, so currently, I’m writing all the routes simultaneously. Whichever route is finished first will be the one that is released. Right now, that’s looking like Beckett or Leaf’s route.

(I’m super psyched for True Route. Some really cool plans happening.)

Debrief: Common Route Release

We got some amazing feedback and encouragement for the common route release! You can check out some really thoughtful posts on the forums here:

Here’s some features and fixes that we plan to implement in the next route:

  • Bug Fix: There’s a strange interaction with the affection bar where it doesn’t register below a certain minimum amount. This results in choices raising affection, but that affection doesn’t register in the bar until a certain point. 
  • Bug Fix: “Skip to next choice” is a buggy feature, and unfortunately, after some checking, is very difficult to fix. In light of this, we’ll be switching “skip to next choice” button to a standard “toggle skip” button.
  • Unconfirmed! Feature: We will be investigating the option to assign a short name to save files. This is not confirmed.
  • Adjustment: Several more terms will be added to the text input segments in light of feedback. 
  • Adjustment: Several minor continuity errors will be fixed. 
  • Adjustment: The Journal feature is difficult to find and was missed by the majority of the playerbase. It will instead be added to the quick menu or the ADV screen as its own button. (Currently it’s in the circular Extras panel in the lower-right corner of the Stat Menu screen.)

Please leave a comment if we missed anything!

Announcement: Social Media Break

In order to hone in on writing, I’ll be staying off of social media. This means that Studio Theophilus will not be updating on Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr/Facebook until next month, nor will there be responses to tweets or DMs. If you have any questions or issues, the live chat on the website will still be operational, and I’ll do my best to respond as fast as possible!

Thank you for your support! Hope to bring you more content soon!

— Luna Chai